Mi familia

K and I met back in 2011. We went to the same college in North Texas. I was friends with his brother who also attended the same college. We were both dating different people at the time, but we did build a foundation of friendship. Fast forward to 2019. We re-connected in February and quickly went on our first date. Funny side note. His mom and my mom went to school together, and ran with the same crowd in high school.

We are temporarily living long distance. I am in Texas and he is in Virginia. He will be finishing school in late September. He will then receive his orders. We hope to both relocate and be together in October.

K proposed on March 1st. We have had to postpone getting married three times because of Covid. Fourth times a charm right? Lol! Covid is ramping back up so we don’t have a date set, but as soon as he is able to leave base I will be on the first flight out. God willing it will be before he gets his orders.

We have two Miniature Australian Shepherds. Literally the best companions ever. They are “fun size”, so they travel with me just about everywhere.


I work a sales job in the Aquaculture Industry. I absolutely love my job. When K and I decided we wanted to get married, my boss and I decided to move me into a sales position so I could stay with the company, but work from home. Right now I still travel the two plus hour round trip to work twice a week. The rest of the week I work from my home office that I put together this year.

For now our “kids” are two fluffy pups, Boodreaux and Gypsy. One day we will add to the family, but we still have a few years before that happens.

The “Navy Family” portion of this blog is for our friends and family to be able to keep up with us. K and I are pretty private so we don’t have social media. However, I will always be a firm supporter of Pinterest! It’s also a way for me to record our experiences to look back on one day. Our lives so far have been one wild adventure. I’m sure we will have many stories to share!

– Ash

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