(Our Miniature Australian Shepherds, Boodreaux and Gypsy)

In February of 2019 I reconnected with an old college friend. We started dating, and within two months I had fallen in love with a man who was leaving for the Navy Boot Camp. I didn’t have a friend who could relate to the new life I was living. I had a million questions, and I couldn’t find answers anywhere. I turned to Facebook, Google, and every other search engine I could find. They were a bit helpful, but I was finding my questions to still be unanswered.

Here we are, 8 months later. I have already learned so much, but every day is still full of emotion, frustration, joy, waiting, and the unknown. I have yet to find a reliable source of information. So because of that, I have taken it upon myself to share personal stories, thoughts, and learning experiences during this time.

This life can be full of new adventures, friendships, joy, support, love, and happiness. It can also be full of loneliness, anxiety, depression, doubt, frustration, and defeat. I hope that during those times I can answer any questions you have, or at least point you in the right direction and give you hope. Most importantly I hope that my story can show you that you are not alone in this.

We are a family and we have to support each other during the good and the bad. If that means leaving a comment sharing your joyful moments, or sending me an email while your heart hurts. You are not alone. I am here for you always.

The Navy Wife,



Side note: For security reasons, I will black out any information that is Operational Security (OPSEC) or Personal Security (PERSEC).